How to keep grass from sticking to the mower deck

designed just for decks and chutes. I believe the best course of action is to wash the deck after each use. You can do some of the maintenance in the fall after you last use the mower or in the spring just before that first cut. I can tell you, if that section wears down enough, the mower will plug up every little bit. I keep poking holes in the screen when I mow too close to a bush. Lawn Mower Deck Tune-up - Step 1. There may be bad fuel in the gas tank, a loss of air flow to the engine caused by overgrown grass or a dirty air filter, or your carburetor needs to be adjusted or cleaned. 0HP/25. The type of blades you use can keep much of the grass from sticking to the GEMPLER'S Grass Shield mower deck coating keeps grass from sticking so you don't have to waste time scraping. Top 8 Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower. Grass naturally builds up in the mower deck, but a few simple maintenance tasks and mowing tricks can keep the clogs to a minimum. Reapply it every month or so and all is well. Always wait to cut your grass until the dew has dried. The old blades are just dirty so maybe I can take the time to clean & sharpen them to swap them out for next year? Rinse underneath with water after use. I took the mower deck off to get to the electric clutch pulley wires and repair the damaged wire. 62 items Shop Lawn Mower Accessories at acehardware. Use a Lubricant Many homeowners swear by the use of a spray lubricant to prevent grass from sticking to the deck. Clean the mower deck with clean water and spray it with a silicone lubricant. If cutting deck is equipped with wheels, make sure they are always adjusted from 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the ground after you determine the height of the grass is to be cut. FLUID FILM is the ideal protection for lawn and garden equipment constantly exposed to health that should be checked regularly is under the decks of mowers. This build-up will harden, restricting blade and air movement and will probably show a lesser quality of cut. Lets take Bermuda grass. MO-DECK. Dad did the same thing 9 years ago. switch system due to the mower deck Spraying your deck underside afterwards with a lubricant like Fluid Film®(JT-2500) can help keep the grass from sticking. Is there any way that the deck on a lawn mower could be coated with Teflon or some other substance that would keep the grass from sticking to it or could just be washed off. com - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information > Lawn and Garden Tractors > Backyard Round Table - L & G Tractor Related Topics > What will help keep grass from sticking to underside of deck A clogged mower deck quickly brings your lawn care routine to a stop. Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawnmower is a 21-inch self-propelled cordless lawn mower that has a steel 3-in-1 movable deck that provides mulch, side discharge, and bagging options. · When operating mower deck or rear implement lift - turn T-handle (A) counterclockwise until tight. End-of-Season Maintenance When the mowing season is over in the fall, empty the gas tank by allowing the lawnmower to run until its gas tank is empty. 17 May 2019 Contact with Mower Blade – A mower is designed to cut grass with a cutting However, for the deflector to be effective, it must remain in place. I have a LGT2554 and I have a problem with grass sticking under the deck causing it to leave strips of unmoved grass. If the mower is washed, use low-pressure water only. That is done at the beginning of each season, and then the edge is maintained weekly with a string trimmer. I just this week while at TSC bought a couple of spray cans of a product put out by Vansickle paints. Anyway, I noticed that the deck is still solid but has a pretty good amount of surface rust. From the beginning the mower belt kept falling off but she is handy and got the hang of putting it back The pipe wasn't carrying any services, just a piece of metal sticking out of the ground (I've now removed it). Grass Clippings Mo-Deck review, works OK. I have my blade sharpened a couple times a year so that isn't the problem. I'm currently mulching when I cut and I'm cutting twice per week. It's a basic riding mower that fits the needs of most homeowners. also the deck underneath needs to be clean but usually a soft brush and a hose will take care of it. Whether you have a gas or an electric mower, damp or long grass will get stuck between the blades and body. A red one. 7 inches) long and has a maximum width of 1. The wax will keep grass and dirt from sticking to it. It lists a lot of uses under the mower deck being just one. Huge selection of Lawn Mower Deck Sprays. I pre-treated my blade and under deck with WD40 Waterproof Silicone Spray and so far, it's worked great to keep grass from sticking. Now I keep an eye on the blades and keep a spare set in the garage. Specially formulated with high tech polymers that reduce grass adhesion to the under-surfaces of all types of mower decks and lawn maintenance equipment. The very first time I cut the grass, I found out that there isn't enough lift to keep the grass blades straight when they are cut so in every swath, there are long blades of grass sticking up. Quit wasting time scraping grass clippings off your lawnmower deck. ) Easy mower and engine access The ZD Series is designed to keep you on the job longer between maintenance stops. Everthing else is way less reliable. And empty the bag often. Roanin mower deck cleaning Richard, I can't tell that the diesel and oil react at all with the paint. That deck looks like it's hard to get under to do some thorough cleaning. It may be stretched and may need to be replaced. It's not an end all solution, but it sure helps keep alot of it from sticking. 25 inch increments meaning that you will always be able to get the final grass length you want. Brian's Lawn Maintenance 246,431 views Non stick coating for under mower deck. But always keep in mind to help the electric lawn mower over obstacles to avoid breakdowns which can be avoided. A constant problem associated with cutting grass is the accumulation of grass and dirt under the deck of lawnmowers due to residual moisture in the grass and grass stems. Keep your deck level by using our deck level gauge. best way to clean mower deck Discussion in ' Because of its non-drying characteristics, Fluid Film also helps keep grass and debris from sticking, making clean-up Wet grass causes two problems when it comes to using a bagger system. Honda engineered the deck on our HRX mowers to ensure it will provide optimal performance in a variety of conditions. This will keep the circular flow of the cu grass moving in a more efficient manner and give you a better cut quality. By following these tips before you start cutting your grass, you will protect your investment in your lawn mower and mow Crawl under the deck (or remove it) and clean the deck using a putty knife to get all the grass off the deck. Mower (Or Other Attachment) Stops When Reverse Foot Pedal Is Depressed And Attachment Is Engaged Normal operation of Reverse Many and multiple causes for this issue. The unclean deck will result in more sticking and clumping of the grass when mowing. My mower has a highest cutting height of 3. Look for objects that could become projectiles (e. You have a riding mower or tractor and it’s been reasonably well cared for. Our first mower upgrade addresses the issue with a coating of graphite spray. 0HP/26. PROBLEMS WITH MOWER. We recommend re-applying coating at least every 24 mowings. Also great for making chutes and moving parts of snow blowers non-stick. They dont rust of course and as you know Honda engines keep on going. The discharge shute continually jams, even when the grass is bone dry. Dry grass doesn't stick will be easier on the mower with a cleaner cut over wet grass. (Fluid Film is an example of a lubricant that can be used to protect lawn equipment in use, in storage and in transit). Keeps dirt and grass from sticking to mower decks and snow from sticking to This is a guide about Craftsman riding mower keeps stalling. Learning how to solve simple problems, like the annoying issue of grass sticking to your mower deck, can end up saving you a lot of time when you need to clean For those who have this deck do you have issues with grass build up and do you use any coating on the deck to prevent the buildup. I think it is the Spring Ext Elect Clutch (Key No. Use a light-duty lubricant on contact surfaces for wheel bearings, cables and height adjusters. What kind of grass? When you use a rotary mower it take makes a vortex like a tornado under the deck. g. 3. How To Keep Grass Clippings From Sticking To A Mower Deck use a spray lubricant many people swear by using a spray lubricant such as MO-DECK to keep the grass from sticking. Clean the top of the mower as well, using a rag or brush to get grass clippings, leaves, and other debris off the deck and out of crevices around the engine and wheels. I want to apply some concoction (paint) to the bottom of the deck to prevent grass from sticking to it. It's not only better for the mower deck—it's also healthier for the grass, because it leaves enough of the grass blade that the grass can keep on photosynthesizing. If you must mow when the grass is wet, here is what to do. That will keep the mulch from washing out into the grass, and it will keep the grass from growing into the bed,” he explains. A good mower deck height is 2 ½ to 3 inches high. lbs. Mean Green’s optional Rear Discharge deck can be equipped as an open rear discharge deck or set up with 80% mulching baffles. The mower deck has two blades (recently sharpened). Use a rag or brush to get grass clippings, leaves, and other debris off the deck and out of crevices. Mine did have an opening in the side of the deck where I could attach my fitting. Buy a gallon of Gempler's Grass Shield and eliminate one of lawn care's colossal headaches. To clean a hand-push mower's deck, turn the mower on its side Raise your mower deck to cut between 3-4 inches (7-10 cm). It leaves clumps of grass on the lawn, rusts out the deck, and leads to messy, slow cutting due to reduced air flow. After you set the mower back down, don’t forget to reattach the spark plug wire to the spark plug. If your deck doesn't have an opening then you are going to have to cut an opening to make this work. There are several common reasons why your lawn mower might die when you're in the middle of cutting your grass. It helps improve your mower discharging, bagging and mulching by preventing grass clipping buildup in your mower deck. Sometimes you can make the repairs yourself. Operate the mower at a lower speed. com No—I want to keep shopping. Buy Lawn Mower Spray Sheild Direct and save. The 48A Mower Deck has strong spindle pockets, to keep the blades aligned, even after years of tough service: Ribs in the deck shell add strength where it is needed. If the deck is clean to begin with less grass will stick to it. I make the "bag" out of window screen (sew vinyl canvas around the edges of the screen)and attach it with plastic wire ties instead of hog rings. 5 times 34. After i'm done rinsing it in the yard I park in the garage and fire up the deck for a minute or two to blow the water off. This product is a cordless lawn mower powered by a 2Ah, 4Ah, or 5Ah lithium-ion battery built for ease of use and long-lasting quality. BUT, having all that HP on a mower and having grass clog is a joke. Whatever option you choose, you'll have a clean looking Avoid mowing in the heat of the day to prevent heat stress on your grass and yourself. 4. The silicone lubricants prevent the grass from getting stick to the mower deck and also makes it easier to clean afterward. Learn how to care for and get the most from your walk-behind lawn mower with these articles and how-to videos from Sears PartsDirect. Treat the underside of your mower with oil or silicone spray. See Details. This Superior Solution produces a slick and durable barrier on the lawnmower deck that reduces sliding friction and significantly reduces grass-clipping build-up that can lead to premature wear. Mower Deck Is Difficult To Lift Lift assist spring not adjusted properly for deck size. there was a thread about it and it seemed to work good to keep snow from sticking. I fixed/welded up the deck first, had it blasted (underside only), used their epoxy primer and than their coating. In the past I have worked on the tensioning idler release spring. He played around with different types of compounds and finally came across the polymer needed to create MO-DECK. Are there strips of uncut grass left behind by the mower after you are done mowing? Are there sharp ridges left in the lawn surface? Mowing problems can be frustrating when you can’t figure out the cause behind them. Heck at one time even the Air Force used graphite Lawn Mower Quality of Cuts Problems and Solutions. I use a product from Wilmargraphite called CLEAN DECK Graphite-Based Lawn Mower Undercoating. Mo-Deck no stick; Gunk no stick. A couple of things can cause this problem. Having taller grass during the warmer months will help provide some shade to the soil and roots — reducing the amount of evaporation and keeping more moisture in the ground. Apply wax to help keep dirt and debris from sticking to the exterior while mowing. I'll have to look into painting it this winter and maybe the teflon spray to see if it helps keep grass collecting down. 1). Follow the one-third rule. Random gunk can cause mechanical parts to seize, and lawn mowers fling grass clippings for a living. Get the Trick for Wet Grass. Ragged cuts made by dull blades increase the chance of disease and pests. These guidelines can teach you how to fix common mowing problems that you may be experiencing. Mo-Deck Spray Please! This easy-to-apply polymer spray coating can be sprayed on the underside of your commercial mower deck to keep grass from sticking and building up. The solvent will inhibit any rust forming over the winter, and will also help to prevent grass from sticking to the deck when you start up again in the spring. Even in summer when the grass is dry, it will still be wet towards the bottom. Lubricate All Moving Parts. Keep mower blades sharp and balanced. After you rinse spay the business side of the deck with WD40 or another spray lubricant of your choice. Remember Your Lawnmowers! As you are pulling out your lawnmowers and getting them ready for spring, remember that RustSeal on the underside of the deck will prevent rust and the slick surface provided by the RustSeal will prevent grass from sticking to the deck and clogging up the discharge. 2. The mower has a deck wash but that really uses a lot of water and we are on a well with limited water recovery. The mower will not disengage and it has slowly been getting worse. I have a Ferris 48" Zero Turn and the grass builds up so thick after one or two mowing, that it will not cut. That portion of the blade provides "lift" and airflow to pick that cut off grass/leaves up and throw them out the discharge of the mower deck. I probably get a good snow shovel full of grass out of it each time. Everytime I turn off my blades clupps of grass just shoots from under the deck. ) Do your best to brush, scrape, or wash off all the accumulated clippings from the underside of the deck, then spray a lubricant on the underside of the deck to make it easier to clean. Welcome to our blog, for all those of you who will be seeking for the best products, we recommend Gempler’s Grass Shield Silicone Mower Deck Coating to Keep Grass from Sticking and Protect Equipment as being the best quality and affordable product. There you have it. Change the mowing pattern each time you mow. Carburetor: Hopefully, if you drained the fuel in your lawn mower the previous year, you won't have any trouble with the carburetor. 75". How To Perform Monthly Artificial Grass Maintenance. maintenance lift. Mower deck coating keep grass from sticking so you don't have to waste time scraping. clean gas are only part of the maintenance required; a clean mower deck is just as important for making the job go easier. Keep it clear with cooking oil. You should be mowing at 3 ½ inches but many people try to cut Some manufacturers even have special lubricating products designed to keep grass from sticking. Adjust cutting height to remove only 1/3 of grass at a time. This colorless silicone mower deck coating leaves a thin, slippery layer that repels freshly cut grass. To steer clear of this problem keep the ride on mower’s revs up and the speed down to enable the mower to process the grass. In the center of the front of the mowing deck is a roller (to keep the deck from bottoming out ) which may be causing the grass to flatten and not be cut. Plugs – Clean spark plugs and replace, if necessary. Belt slippage can cause uneven cut. It is very frustrating when your mower keeps stalling. Hell his (and mine) are still air cooled. The Armortek Non-Stick spray is designed to give you a long lasting protection to keep your unit clean and operating at peak performance. Some manufacturers even have special lubricating products designed to keep grass from sticking. It has now had several Mo-Deck treatments. To keep grass clippings from sticking, spray the mower's blades and undercarriage with cooking How to Solve Common Mowing Problems. Just pure engine blade turning grass cutting power. MT, MTL, MTEFI, MTLEFI Lawn Mower pdf manual download. It can become so bad as to clog How to Stop Grass Buildup Under Any Lawn Mower Deck. A simple operation raises the front of the ZD Series even with the mower deck still attached. Ready to use in less than 10 minutes after spraying. 3). Grass sticking on a mower deck is a very common problem. Take advantage of our lawn striping kit to get that professionally landscaped look in the spring, and make fall leaf cleanup a breeze when you use one of our baggers. I always side-discharge when cutting grass. Upon re-attaching the mower deck, I noticed a spring on the ground. Took the deck off my 10 month old mower today. Spray Vegetable Oil Greetings Gentleman, I have a new 2018 1025R with a 60" auto connect mower deck. The 48A has a 23 percent heavier overall weight than the Edge™ Xtra 48-in. MyTractorForum. 20. Naturally, I think anyone would say to wipe up diesel spills off your paint, but I think that's mostly to prevent dust from sticking to it and having a filthy mess. Deck wheels out of adjustment. It shuts down the mower, leaves clumps of grass on the lawn, changes the air flow so grass tares instaed of cleanly cutting the grass blades and it One of the biggest issues with most lawn mowers is clogging up the deck with grass clippings. The mower has a 20-inch cutting deck that is designed for side discharge. The best thing you can do is keep it as dry as possible and scrape off the debris a few times a season. They actually sell some kinda spray for the underside of mower decks to keep the grass from sticking to the underside of the deck, you could probably spray the wheels down with that too. If you mulch, more often. Bonus: You’ll be cleaning your lawn mower at the same time! 2. However much the cutting deck may need to be strong, it is common to find the decks breaking. If you’re not familiar with this trick, it’s a good idea to oil the underside of your lawnmower deck to keep grass from sticking to it. MO-DECK was invented by a chemist who became frustrated with wet grass sticking to his mower deck and clumping and clogging his grass catcher chute. I torque them to the 17 ft. Honda guarantee their alloy deck for a lengthy period of time or at least they used to. Buy Stens 752-287 Mo-Deck Spray at Walmart. Also, when mulching, if you cut more than 1/2 off the grass at a time, the mulched grass will accumulate at the right rear wheel, leaving a trail of The mower weighs in at 308 kg (680 lbs) which is pretty light for any mower that has a 25 hp engine. the grass bag from the mower completely. com: I simply LOVE my 226V. These products are great when it’s dry but really help with the wet stuff. Wet grass fills and clogs a mower deck. Next, raise the mower deck. This thin film of oil will help keep the clippings from sticking to the deck and it will be easier to rinse off. I purchaserd a brand new Cub Cadet lt2550 shaft drive lawn tractor this summer to mow my 3/4 acre lawn. The deck is a mulcher, and that is the way it was designed. . Bonus: You'll  19 May 2016 I've got a great one for you to figure out. Is the grass dry? Clogging is usually a result of grass that is too tall or too wet. Though cut grass is alot different Prevent grass from sticking to your lawn mower with a few simple steps: 1. How do I keep grass and stuff from building up under the deck?” Get out your pens and write this down: Before putting your mower away, clean the underside of the deck off. While oil does act as a barrier that prevents grass from getting a foothold on the steel blades, wheels and deck of your mower, it also destroys your lawn as it drips off and kills the grass. Clean this impacted grass off the underside of the deck after mowing using a stick — it can be difficult to remove when it dries. as called for but they still keep unscrewing the center bolt that holds them on. Pia i know but it works better than anything else except a pressure washer. While it's best to mow often when the grass is dry Keep the Clippings Short. of rubbery probably works just as well for sticking and protecting from rust though. It also has a tendency to fall over and clump together as you mow, creating an uneven cut. It leaves clumps of Spray the underside with non-stick cooking spray. The biggest reason for clumping grass is mowing when wet and or not mowing frequently enough. Q. Most of the weight is on the back, remember, so the front wheels may lose the traction they need to keep the mower going straight if you go up a steep incline and it tries to do a wheelie. To clean a hand-push mower's deck, turn the mower on its side While this won’t matter for the average homeowner, people who load their mower into a vehicle to mow multiple lots should keep the weight factor in mind. Keep in mind this unit had basically been put out to rot for 3 years and was sitting out in the rain surrounded by tall unmowed grass/weeds as well as rodents so this isn't a surprise for me. If you haven’t used a self-propelled lawn mower before, this all-wheel-drive model may take some getting used to, but you will soon find yourself using it with ease. Use vegetable oil instead. Once clean, spraying the underside with WD-40 or other aerosol lubricant will keep grass from sticking and prevent rust. The smooth deck also prevents grass sticking and is easy to clean with broom or scraper. The air goes through but the grass doesn’t. If you don’t remove those grass clippings, they build up on the blade and clog your mower. Weight. I had a lawn mower wheel height adjuster stuck hard a week or two ago. From our tests PAM is the most budget friendly solution to grass sticking to a lawn mower deck. A local mower shop might give you credit on this one to buy a new one. Make sure your lawn mower is ready to go when spring arrives by using these Once it's clean, you can wax the deck to keep grass and dirt from sticking to it. The most reliable way to keep the grass from sticking under the deck is to take it off the tractor before it is ever allowed to come into contact with the dirty green lawn stuff, and then leave it covered in the garage until you sell the tractor. 2) Inspection. Remove the blade(s) and sharpen, or have it professionally sharpened if needed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Wet grass will clump up and not suck into the bag. It runs great but the lawn just doesn’t look right after its cut. Even mowing 2x a week I'm getting a lot of build-up under the mower deck (even cleaning after each mowing). With the baffles removed, the rear discharge deck performs similar to most rear discharge decks, but grass dispersal is evened out with the help of the opposite spinning blade on the right side of the deck. Make sure the underside of the mower deck is clean. Once I emptied the bin I cleaned all the grass out of the tube and started to cut the grass again. Im going to give it a try but does anyone know of a better product? I would say the cast deck is heavier, from memory mine is 38kg. Ensure the deck of your mower is clean, having a clean deck will help stop the grass from sticking to the deck. 0HP Rider Lawn Mower. Having your mower ready to go will help you stay ahead of the growth and keep your lawn looking neat. Preparing your lawn mower for proper use is like preparing your kitchen cast iron pan before use. Took it to the car wash and pressure washed it. Now, with lawn-case season right around the corner, learn how to keep your mower deck clean: Cleaning the clippings and other yard debris from the underside of the deck on your lawn mower after Took the deck off my 10 month old mower today. (122-cm) Mower Deck used on previous machines. I am not cutting the grass until late afternoon either, so it is a dry as it is going to get. The mower deck on the Ariens 46 inch sit on lawn mower is made from 12 gauge steel for strength. To have less grass sticking to it. If you can tell that the mower is having trouble cutting on the level you have it set too, then you will need to raise the deck. What we mean is if you are cutting thick or tall grass, then it might be bogging down the blades and causing the engine to stall. Does your mower give you a clean cut at 4"? Honda Lawn Mowers ConsumerAffairs Unaccredited Brand damage 'tells a story' that the mower was either shoved under a deck or hit with a car. The clog wastes time and requires you to reach in near the sharp blades to unclog the area. Adjust mower height throughout the growing season. Lawn contractors prefer them also How To Remove A Ride On Mower Deck If you own a ride on mower, you may not have realized that it is sometimes necessary to remove the deck, which is located underneath the lawnmower and above the blades. If you're not mowing when grass is wet or trying to mow too much grass at once and your blade is sharp and motor is running fine then that really only leaves one thing. Routinely, attempt to keep the mower deck dry and avoid running over sticks and twigs as much as possible, as either water or impacts from solid objects will wear down the coating over time. If none of that works, check the belt for the mower deck. Place the mower in a lower gear or simply push the mower more slowly, especially over areas of high grass. How to Prepare Your Honda Push Mower for Storage and reduce the risk of sticking or corroding during the winter. The deck allows the machine to navigate and wander around bushes or flowers when cutting your grass. Whilst there is, unfortunately, no way to keep the deck completely grass free, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to significantly cut down the buildup or make cleaning it up easier. Organic-based lubricants are now available to spray on the deck of the machine to keep clippings from sticking to the deck. 11oz Aresole Cans. Test your mower today. 9 m (74. The simple, trouble-free shaft drive cutter deck means minimum maintenance requirements and a wide range of cutting heights. With hover mowers, you need to get grass out from under the hood. Looking for new Grasshopper Mower reviews 2019? Find complaints and reviews about grasshoppermower. NeXite 21 inch Deck: NeXrite is a strong, lightweight material that resists rust, dents, and corrosion, and is also found in car bumpers, and football helmets. My mower has the t-bar with basket sticking out the side. Grass buildup under a lawn mower deck is a pain. But lets hear what you have to say about it. A product that keeps grass from sticking to your deck. Clean your mower. As the blades spin, the moving air will help dry everything out. Be careful not to lubricate surfaces that the drive belt will come in contact with during operation. To eliminate dirt and grass from sticking to the lawnmower deck and reduce corrosion and rust, apply Clean Deck graphite to the underside of the deck, blade and chute. I have the same mower and I find grass does NOT stick to the underside of the deck. Buy Online & Pickup Today. My Sears 42" mower deck. I'd imagine it also works for grass clippings. Better vacuum lift and volume to keep grass circulating longer; Precision clearance between the deck and the blades to improve circulation Reduce grass clippings instantly after use! Never be frustrated again with wet grass sticking to your mower deck and clumping and clogging in your grass chute. But WD-40 or even nonstick cooking spray—applied heavily—will work. , dog bones, sticks, etc. Grass clippings tend to stick to the underside of the deck, especially if  3 Jun 2016 The biggest reason for clumping grass is mowing when wet and or not it to help keep the mower deck clean in between thorough cleanings. Some brands provide a tool with their machines. Also a little light weight Anderol 465 Synthetic bearing oil. This helps prevent rust and corrosion, while making cleanup easier. (Note: You can find these products at Snappy’s Outdoor Equipment). ha ha i have in fact been cursing at the grass over past few days actually because the damn thing is making our new deck look disgusting problem with using any chemicals is how in the world do we spray it down there? the gaps in between each line of timber decking is not very wide and as mentioned, there is literally no gap between deck and ground that we can squeeze anything through either? Clean the top of the mower as well, using a rag or brush to get grass clippings, leaves, and other debris off the deck and out of crevices around the engine and wheels. The HRX217HZA's deck is also designed to keep grass circulating longer to produce a finer quality of mulch. Clean off the . It helps. My plan was to spray the snow plow blades so the snow / ice don't stick. After mowing, simply wash off with water hose. The shorter the grass clippings are, the easier it is for them to blow away from the mower. Helps keep blades, flails and blade housings free from clogs and grass build-up. The small trail of grass is left in the middle of the cut path. View and Download Walker MT, MTL, MTEFI, MTLEFI owner's manual online. Stinny Nothin beats a good old scraper for the mower decks. Blades are sharp. Use a wooden stick to remove any clippings that have accumulated after mowing. This video will show you how to fix the worn adjusting levers on the wheels of your lawn mower that adjust the lawn mower deck height. You are Buying (2) Cans of Mo-Deck. I am going to use Never Wet on my mower deck and blades to keep wet/moist grass from sticking and clumping up. Problems with the cutting deck. Stopping grass sticking to lawnmower decks using graphite. I use it on my commercial mowers. Use a broom or handled brush and sweep against the natural grain of the grass to groom it into an upright position. It leaves clumps of grass on the lawn, rusts out the  Find tips for preventing grass clippings from sticking to a mower deck, from mowing when the lawn is dry to using a lubricant on graphite coating on the deck. Best Answer: i use an aresol can of teflon lubricant for bicyle chains that i spray on the underside of the mulching mower i have. Some people use PAM cooking spray. So here is a little tip/secret I use to keep grass from clogging and sticking to under side of my lawn mower deck. 2” (9/10 of 38” ). The plastic will not rust and will help to keep grass from sticking to the belly. Get rid of the caked-on grass underneath the mower deck. It measures just 1. When maintenance is needed, however, you can The grass clippings are discharged out through the side of the mower deck. Here is a view of my mower deck. Now the blades on the mower are very hard/stiff to turn by hand. The variable speed lever was setup so that when I pulled it half way, the mower moved at a comfortable. Get something that has no extras. The unique design of the deck improves vacuum lift and volume to keep grass circulating to produce smaller clippings. (They hold moisture against the metal, which causes the rusting. Whatever you have to offer on the subject of keeping grass from sticking to your mower deck, we want to hear it or see it. Clean grass and debris from the top and underneath the mower Deck with a stiff brush. It is called EZ-SLIDE. Taller grass also develops deeper roots, which creates a lawn that can withstand drought better. You might hear some people say to spray the mower deck with used motor oil to keep grass from sticking to it. Keep the wheels lubricated well, with the right oil or grease to keep their movement uninterrupted. their clients' properties and will sometimes stick to one efficient mowing pattern. Grass Tips Are Jagged And Turn Grayish Brown After Mowing Dull mower blades. 2014-2015 Craftsman T3000 Model 20390 42 in 22 hp Yard Tractor Review continues to be the best value mower with a 42 inch deck and will work well for a yard up to Read reviews and complaints about Ariens Riding Mowers, She mows 3 acres of flat grass. Grass develops a grain based on your cutting direction, tending to lean towards the direction you mow. (Standard on the ZD1500 and ZD1200, available as an option on the ZD1000. NeXite Cutting Deck: The Honda HRX217HZA's cutting deck is made of NeXite, which is a high impact resistant and durable polymer material. Cutting Deck. When you push the mower, a gear inside the wheel hub turns the reel. MDI Products the Leader of Non-Stick Technology In my opinion, spraying PAM on decks to prevent grass/dirt buildup underneath the deck is an urban legend. Any of these tasks that weren't done in the fall should be performed in the spring. I tried several products by a company called ZEPLON that was purported to be a teflon-based "dry lubricant" on my previous Craftsman lawn tractor's deck when it was brand new. Use a wire brush or a garden hose to remove any built up grass that is already on your lawn mower wheels or underneath the lawn mower deck. Start with the handle (on a push mower) – make sure all the bolts and knobs holding it on are tight. Lawnmowers function most efficiently when the mower deck is clean and unencumbered by built-up grass clippings and dirt. they reckon spraying under the mower deck with cooking spray or WD40 ( when the deck is clean) will stop grass sticking under the deck. Never put your hand or foot under the mower while the engine is on. 6 Tips for Mowing When It's Wet. +1 The worst thing for a mower is to leave damp grass clippings under or on the deck when it's not being used. The reel consists of five cutting blades that slip over a bar at the bottom of the machine. Remove dust, dirt and leaves with a stiff brush. Do this and you will never Quick Tip: Prevent Grass From Sticking to Your Lawnmower Whether you have a John Deere that’s been with your family for generations or a brand-new Craftsman, you’ve probably been annoyed by the sight of freshly cut grass stuck to the bottom of your lawn mower. The Cub Cadet SC100H 21 in. Grass is too wet. Your engine Don't let your mower deck get clogged with grass and debris. Mo-Deck Spray Please! This easy to apply polymer spray coating can be sprayed to the underside of your commercial mower deck to keep grass from sticking and building up. This is a cheap,  How to Stop Grass Buildup Under Any Lawn Mower Deck. Then I use the spray on graphite to make the grass come out easier but in once i start mowing but i think it helps keep it from rusting over the winter. Blow off standing water with low-pressure air and allow the mower to dry completely before use. There is a rubber discharge flap to held guide the clippings and prevent them from flying up and potentially hitting someone close by. Grass sticking to the underside of the lawn mower and to the lawn mower blades is a common problem. I see pictures of the basket coming out the rear. Assuming the mower deck width is 38 inches; multiply 3. 174882) since it has a wire sticking out of the end of the spring, but is missing the bolt on the end of the wire. Mo-Deck Spray Please! This easy-to-apply polymer spray coating can be sprayed on the underside of your commercial mower deck to keep grass from sticking  Effective mowing height is determined by: grass species and variety, site use, level of For increased density pick a mowing height and stick to it throughout the Keep in mind that mowing at the lower level will increase turf density. “I got a brand spankin new, beautiful, shiny 21″ wide walk behind mower. com - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information > Lawn and Garden Tractors > Backyard Round Table - L & G Tractor Related Topics > What will help keep grass from sticking to underside of deck MyTractorForum. The machine is among the lightest gas-powered mowers at Keep a soft brush and a thick cloth right where you store your lawn mower and you’re more likely to make the effort to use them each time. I took the deck off this spring and cleaned & painted the underneath side with a paint that was supposed to help eliminate this problem but if anything it is worse. When the tabs get bent in the lawn mower deck tends to slip and get lower to the ground. He says the easiest thing to do is prevent the grass from building up in the first place Once it's caked on and sticking like glue, Jameson says it's best to remove the deck, summon  Description. Submit your maintenance question to us, and if we use it in our program, you'll get a John Deere cap! Listen here to the radio story: John Deere Maintenance Monday: Lawn Mower: Removing grass buildup clean gas are only part of the maintenance required; a clean mower deck is just as important for making the job go easier. One Lawn care business owner shared “as many of us know, mowing wet grass sometimes is unavoidable especially when you have a packed schedule. The last area that can cause your mower to stall while mowing is in the cutting system. First off, wet grass is heavier than dry grass, meaning that it is harder to propel through the chute. Reduce grass clippings instantly after use. This process is fairly cheap and simple, costing approximately $10 to $20. · When operating front hitch/attachments - turn T-handle (A) clockwise until it is bottomed out. worked for a while but no joy:0( To use "real teflon" you need to have a contract with Dupont as a Licensed Someone asked me to recommend oil for under your mower deck. Remove Old Grass from Your Mower. “On landscape beds, we use a spade, basically a square shovel, to create a nice 3-inch edge. The lawn mower had no problems not even leaving clumps of wet grass like my old mower would have. Cleaning a Mower DeckWhile there are ways to prevent grass from sticking to the mower deck, you first need to get rid of the grass that is already stuck there. Even if it does, a replacement deck is usually a few hundred dollars tops. Mowing the lawn easy compared to the dreary task of removing stuck grass from a lawnmower's blades. The root cause is the moisture in or on the grass which acts like a glue and joins all of the cut particles together. He did have to put an engine in it, but all in he is still under $6k and has a mower that can take a beating and keep going. His had about 11k hours on the engine when it lost enough compression it wouldn't restart warm. While you are visiting please take a look at my review of Mo-Deck. When your grass starts its spring growth surge, it will soon need mowing. ) or partially buried rocks) that could cause damage to your mower deck or break . Yep, that is the problem on my Sears deck. We’re almost done – now it’s time to lubricate! Poor lubrication creates friction and excess heat in your mower, which will damage its parts. Cut no more than 1/3 the height of the grass. It also dosnt throw the grass very far when the shute is up. It was a 10 year old used Dixie commercial 60". 22 Apr 2019 Grass buildup under a lawn mower deck is a pain. 25 Oz Aerosol Spray Can. There are products on the market to spray the underside of the deck with that helps keep grass from sticking. That brings the grass up to be cut. After you   18 Apr 2013 Seal Your Lawnmower Deck To Prevent Grass From Sticking Because the underside of most mower decks is coarse, we always apply at  If your mower blades will not turn after the blade controls have the mower deck, and remove any guards or covers that protect the  21 Jun 2019 Here are some tips how to mow your lawn in hot weather, from the includes an essential cleaning tip that will help keep your mower in peak condition. Now this mower is ready for the mowing season, and yours will be too when you take a little time to get your mower tuned up. For a thriving lawn, never cut away more than one-third of the grass blade in any one mowing. . Can't recall right now if it's a 7018H or 7118H, got the K361 overhead valve single 18 hp Kohler. Remove any wrapped weeds from the blade bearing housing. Check the blade(s) for nicks and wear. Some POR15. 160 cc Honda 3-in-1 push walk-behind mower gives you the option to side discharge, mulch or bag your grass clippings. Once it’s clean, you can wax the deck to keep grass and dirt from sticking to it. The double tube steel main frame gives the mower incredible strength and durability. Keep Product Description. wet grass is even worse. These products can also help prevent rust & make cleaning the deck easier. Also dry grass will be harder on the air filtering over wet grass. I have a husqvarna 24v48ls with a deck that gets constantly clogged whilst mowing. Here is a checklist of basic annual maintenance for power mowers. After you clean it, you may want to wax the deck. Quick Tips to Save Loads of Time And Cut Down Mowing Time! I hate how nasty things get under my mower decks over the years. Mow-Deck. The accumulation of wet grass will do a number on a mower deck. When it’s wet or the grass is heavy and thick in Spring, driving too fast may increase the likelihood of blockages. Most mower decks are thick enough steel that the rest of the mower will dissolve before the deck corrodes too much. With a brush or a garden hose or something. Page 2 of 3 - Grass sticking under deck - posted in Garden Tractor Forum: I too have a husqvarna, my yard has a swampy area all year, once I spray the deck and put 2 in 1 blades on, it helped alot. 7 inches). Your lawn mower was built to do so much more than cut grass. On your tractor, use a set of car ramps and you dont even have to drop the deck. Now you can use a couple different things to coat the deck so grass will not stick to it. if you have a bagging mower i don't know if it will help. A protective coating will slow down the grass buildup, but nothing will eliminate the need for regular cleaning. also cut the grass when its dry Lowes – Gempler’s Grass Shield Silicone Mower Deck Coating to Keep Grass from Sticking and Protect Equipment. I used the wire wheel to get the crud & rust off and some “Dry Moly” spray to keep the grass from sticking. PAM. For instance, shift the cutting deck higher in summer and allow grass to grow longer. The surface becomes rough and collects grass, stopping the circular flow of grass that happens when grass is cut. 72 m (67. Just check top 8 Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower reviews, Ratings and buying guides. So is there anyway I can stop getting the grass stuck? Any possible way to get the grass to slide up the tube instead of stick? My grass is almost always wet, so I have to mow while its wet because it absorbs too much water. I think Craftsman should have done what many other manufacturers do with their decks - put a simple plug in the shoot to make it a mulcher !!. This is a great mower at a really nice price. 1 Apr 2019 Blog / We Are Gravely / Getting the Best Lawn Mower Cut Quality Lawn mower deck pitch, or sometimes referred to as, "rake," is the tilt of the . I don't mulch at all, I'm using the side shoot. The deck is also adjustable to 3 different positions to keep the desired height of your lawn. I have not mowed with yet, but before I do I wanted to you ask you gentlemen a question: What do you do to the bottom of your mower decks (if anything) to keep grass from sticking to it? I,m trying to find out if there is something to put on a mower deck that will keep grass from sticking, hold up over time, and protect the deck? Something that you would not have to put on every couple hours or every other week. It is a graphite-based coating / friction reducing paint. WD-40 solves everything, and can certainly be helpful when you are cleaning up a mower deck. ck record Stop-Grass-Buildup-Under-Any-Lawn-Mower-Deck How to Stop Grass Buildup Under Any Lawn Mower Deck from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit Grass Buildup under a lawn mower deck is a pain. Quit wasting time scraping grass clippings off your  3 Oct 2017 Keep dirt and grass cleared away from the engine cooling fins. Using a blower would be more optimal over using a water hose to clean off dust and grass. If wheels are not on deck originally, wheels should not at any time be added. Mower wheels are double-captured: With the lawn mowers you will be able to refine that unnecessary grass in your yard and fine tune the sharp edges through the top-notch mowing technology that accompanies the machines. Doing that should provide a cleaner cut and distribute the wet grass clippings better. It’s easy to take this everyday workhorse for granted until something goes wrong, and then a common chore turns into a massive headache. Anyone found a way to keep grass from building up on under the deck of lawnmowers. The mower deck is welded to provide a stronger assembly and eliminate fastener heads on the inside of cutting chamber. If the grass “gets ahead of you” because of wet weather or your busy schedule, move up the cutting height of your mower to the highest possible setting and mow. Video of the Day TITESEAL Mower Deck Spray and Protectant helps prevent grass, dirt, and moisture from adhering to the underside of mower decks. 1. Dry grass is easy to work with for an even lawn cut. helping to keep grass and debris from sticking, making clean-up a breeze. After use, remove as much of the grass clumps as possible from under the deck, as The underside of the mower deck will collect a build-up of grass clippings and dirt, especially when grass is wet or has high moisture content. I guess it is a personal preference. Any suggestions appreciated. Happened to me once. The dome design, combined with a special blade, provides superior cut quality and mulching performance in heavy or damp grass conditions. St Augustine grass has nice blades and it is trimmed by the rotary with its tearing action. Reduces sticking and buildup of grass clippings, weeds and dirt. 8. What is the best way to keep the grass from sticking to the mower deck? I have heard of ceramic coatings that can be sprayed on and another product that you mix with water to spray the deck. The Scag Turf Tiger can cover major grass with ground speeds up to 12mph (10. I was thinking of something like polyurethane, power coating, or something eles that would be better. When I review where the grass sticks to the deck, Mo-Deck seems to help keep clear the high velocity regions under the mower deck. Pay attention to wet clumps of grass that fall off the mower and remove them to avoid killing grass. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as a part of regular lawn mower maintenance that will prevent grass from sticking to your mower. Check out our walk-behind lawn mower common parts glossary to understand the parts that comprise your mower and the common questions for answers about your mower from Sears PartsDirect. If your stand fits inside of your garage, you can store your mower on it whenever it's not in use, raising it above any standing water and allowing the grass and debris under the deck to dry out and fall to the floor for easy cleanup. After you’ve cleaned the deck, give it a good spraying. Start it up and let the mower run in place for 5-10 minutes. Does anyone know what is the best way to keep grass from sticking to the underside of a push mower? Is it possible?? Any help is appreciated. Are you into small engine repair? If not take it to a repair shop. If your mower does not, buy a plastic kitchen spatula for scraping out grass. In cooler weather, you can cut the grass a little lower. Watch for clumps of wet grass that fall off the mower. Get it clean try to keep it painted and use a product called mo deck to keep crud from sticking as much. As the machine proceeds through the grass, the reel trims the grass to the same height as the cutting bar. Once I had to brush out the under deck when I mowed slightly damp grass one morning trying to beat the Summer heat and afternoon thunderstorms. At that height, I feel like I have to go over it again because there are blades of grass sticking up. I use a silicon type spray on my snowblower and it works great, would that stuff work under the mower deck? I'd imagine you would have to do a light power wash first to get all the pieces out of there first. 5 Essential Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips It’s lawn mowing season, and your mower works hard to keep your grass ship-shape. Give new life to your hard working equipment, and enjoy better performance for a long time. Due to the excess grass being cut, clumps will form in the discharge chute. Tip: To reduce future incidences of grass clippings sticking to the lawn mower's underside, lightly spray some vegetable oil onto the deck after cleaning it. I bought this used and keep losing the blades even on just my flat level lawn. The pipe was covered by the longish grass and I hit it with my mower, it made a loud clang, and stopped dead. Still, it's a good idea to lubricate the choke linkage and blast some Mowing wet grass poses a personal danger. On lower settings, wet grass has a tendency to clog your mower's undercarriage. To discourage grass from sticking to the underside of the deck, spray the whole surface with cooking spray or silicone spray lubricant. Spray the underside of the deck with silicone spray or WD-40 to help keep the grass from sticking to it. Clippings from tall or damp grass can clump inside the lower deck of your lawn mower, clogging the chute or hurting its cutting effectiveness. To do this it will be necessary to raise and block In the U. Choke or throttle cable sticking. Two problems - Sticking Grass and Deck Life (rust). Once you've done that, get in the habit of clearing out the grass and dirt after every mowing. Perform the lubrication as outlined in your Owner's Manual. Ideally, mow when grass is dry. MO-DECK came about after a chemist became very frustrated with grass sticking to his mower deck. Grass will not stick once coated. If you never, ever mow wet grass or over flooded grass/puddles, once per year. 2). Re-engineering of deck. Because of this adhesive action, grass sticking to a mower deck can become a real nuisance. When this occurs, the lawn mower works harder, it uses more gas and has a higher rate of stalling mid cut. There are a lot of products out there that you can spray on mower decks to keep the grass from sticking. Lawn Mower Non Stick Spray superstore. Walking speed. By following these tips before you start cutting your grass, you will protect your investment in your lawn mower and mow I started using our new mower over the weekend and quite frankly it was a blast and it takes mowing to a whole new level. Pardon my ignorance but what is a 2 in 1 blade? The shape of the deck is extremely important to the mower's performance. Not only can wet grass be slick (not ideal for mowing), the moist clippings are more likely to stick to and clog your mower. Every time. When grass is wet it sticks. You will be VERY happy with your new Honda. If the bag is real dirty it may not work as well. 1999 725G2 model has been great! One year old two problems. When cleaning, give your mower an inspection and look for wear, breakage, and loose nuts and bolts. Not all mower decks have the necessary outlet where you can attach the grass catcher. I have a brand new Toro Timemaster, and I'm constantly having a ton of grass sticking to the underside of the deck causing clumping in the grass and at times the mower bogs down. Replace the Plugs My deck likes to collect grass like. 10 Jun 2018 Check out these three tips to prevent grass sticking to your mower deck and keep your property looking well maintained and green all summer  The type of blades you use can keep much of the grass from sticking to the mowing deck, but it's possible your mower was treated with a product that keeps it  When you mow the lawn, the cut grass can stick to the lawnmower's wheels and Congestion on the wheels can prevent your mower from working as well as it  Use a wire brush or a garden hose to remove any built up grass that is already on your lawn mower wheels or underneath the lawn mower deck. I bought it off a neighbor for $20, so I expected a few problems. I fixed it with a screwdriver and a hammer. listed for this deck. Made for mower deck to keep grass from sticking to it. This is a very expensive top of the line model with a 50" deck, and three blades. Well, cooking spray is the solution in wintertime when show sticks to the snowblower on my lawn tractor. The bag was easy to remove and empty, and it seemed to hold more grass than the one on my previous mower. Ensure that you have a new set of blades or that your existing blades are sharp, Sharp blades will cut the wet grass more efficiently. What's needed is a Dry Lubricant you can coat the deck with that protects, lasts, and keeps grass from sticking. A shop vac is another option for cleaning the mower and under deck. Due to rain and my schedule I really can't cut more than that. After you paint it all up, use the fluid film. You can also raise your mower deck to its highest setting while you're coping with wet grass; your mower engine will sustain less wear and tear, and you'll avoid possibly cutting your grass too short. Maintenance is of utmost importance if you want to keep the ride on mower going well. 2004. After that it seem like the grass was always sticking or plugging up the bottom section of the tube connected to the mower deck and I would have to clean it out all the time with out the bin getting full at all. 5mph on some models) and large, low-mounted fuel tank. One of the best ways to eliminate the need to mow a wet lawn is to My riding lawn mower (Bolens 12hp with side discharge and collection unit in back) has begun leaving a small trail of grass in the cut path. Be sure your deck is on a level surface and adjust your deck so that the blade tip on each side measures the same height. The problem is that the mower will not bag properly. Don't forget to spray silicone under the deck of the mower to prevent rust and to keep clippings from sticking. From time to time, re-apply deck coating to keep the mower deck in optimal condition. Every few minutes it clears itself abit which entails leaving large clumps every so often on the lawn. The principle behind a reel mower is simple. Hey guys, I always have a problem with grass sticking at the bottom of my deck. Polymer spray builds up over time, the more you use it the better it gets , You'll work less and your equipment will run more efficiently , Keeps dirt and grass from sticking to mower deck sand snow from sticking to snow-throwers, shovels, plows and other Mo-Deck Spray 11oz can Thanks For Your Business!! A bagging lawn mower works by pushing air and the grass through the mower and into the bag. While it’s understandable you want to mow the lawn as quickly as possible, the mower cannot keep pace. What works? The BEST NEW Tool For Sharpening A Lawn Mower Blade! (Have You Seen This Yet?!) - Duration: 20:43. Mower deck not leveled properly. mower deck coating I tried Grizzly Grip out of Florida (get the smooth stuff in black, two coats will do it, about 1/8 to 3/16" thick, applies with an under coating gun). Raise the Mower Deck. Once it's clean, you can wax the deck to keep grass and dirt from sticking to it. I never cut grass or suck up leaves with my 38″ John Deere tractor when the grass is wet. For a clean lawn mower, nothing can stand up against our carefully formulated spray lubricant. Taller grass helps shade soil, which prevents weed growth and slows water evaporation from soil. 61 / Part No. Using Control Levers Using control lever (B) with a mower deck: M71478 · Pull and hold lever back until mower deck is raised. Mower deck needs cleaning. com and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Mowing a wet lawn doesn’t harm the grass, but it doesn’t yield the best results. If you have a moment, take the time to wax your mower’s deck – this will prevent grass from sticking to the mower and save you time in the long-run. Belt Slipping. A more thorough synthetic grass cleaning, performed on a monthly basis, will help keep your lawn green, clean and inviting. Mo-deck Non-stick Polymer Coating Is Specially Formulated To Keep Grass Clippings From Sticking To The Deck Of Your Ariens Lawn Mower. Therefore it should be removed routinely. the teflon can take more heat from the engine without being a fire hazard. An old farmers trick was to use spray pam cooking oil on mower decks or a silicon based oil spray. And the mower blades plus cleaned and lubed the mower deck. WD40. Just walking the slick lawn with enough force exerted forward to push the mower could cause you (the operator) to slip and fall too close for comfort to I keep losing the blades off my mower deck. Besides eliminating the safety concerns that come with a homemade riding mower lift, a riding mower stand has a number of benefits. electrical components. Avoid this by setting your mower deck to one of the highest settings, and settling for a grass trim rather than a lawn shave. They last about 2 years. This deck comes with a lifetime warranty and is resistant to dents, rust, and corrosion. Real pretty, I think not. Deck Sealant and Lubricant. Tricks, hacks, ancient Chinese secrets. While mowing, the cut Super Slick Slick Stuff's molecular cushion of lubrication, repels dust and dirt from collecting, as well as any pesky grass diseases. If it were me I would get a new mower from Lowe's or Home Depot for residential use. All mechanical functions on the deck and mower appear to be running as designed. But during dry, drought conditions, don’t cut your grass as short to keep from stressing and possibly killing it. Use NeverWet on Mower Deck and Blades. Also, the ease of use that we are experiencing with this machine just makes this hands down a far superior mower system than any petroleum fuel mower system on the market. Without removing our mower decks from our tractors every other week to clean them out, what can we  Wondering How To Keep Grass From Sticking to Mower Deck - We've Got Your Answer. Even just a little moisture in the grass will leave chunks of grass sticking to the deck, reducing the efficiency of the lawn mower itself. That is a much bigger project and will leaved your mower permanently modified. Secondly, where dry grass will just slide through the chute, wet grass tends to stick to the sides and collect, creating a clog that will need to be cleared. Belt slippage. This product is designed specifically for lawn maintenance equipment using SLIP Plate ® dry film graphite technology. Here's how to keep your lawn looking crisp and your mowing equipment in tip-top shape. S. We successfully tested it on Bobcat®, Dixie Chopper®, Exmark®, Ferrirs®, Grasshopper®, Hustler®, Ransomes®, Scag®, Toro®, Walker®, and Yazoo®. raise the mower deck to the highest level that it cuts the grass. This prevents grass from sticking. Spray the deck with WD40. The rotary mower cuts the grass and leaves the stem sticking up. You can adjust the height of the mower deck in 0. how to keep grass from sticking to the mower deck

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